*These are committees from SOMA XLVII. SOMA XLVIII committees will be posted soon

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Chair: eli levine

seconder: David Min

Committee Topics:

  1. Free Trade and Tariffs

  2. Environmentally Sustainable Policy

  3. Burqas and Islamic Feminism

World Health Organization (WHO)

chair: rICHARD cHENG

seconder: aRIF aULAKH

Committee Topics:

     1. The Opioid Epidemic

     2. Progression of Induced Abortion

     3. 21st Century Health System Models

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)



Committee Topics

  1. The Death Penalty

  2. Human Trafficking

  3. Access to Clean Water and Proper Sanitation Services

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

chair: Wendy Wang

seconder: Vedika Jha

Committee Topics:

  1. Ethnic Discrimination in Urban Centres

  2. Urban Terrorism

  3. Environmentally Sustainable Cities

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

chair: natalka bowley


Committee Topics:

  1. Israel-Palestine and Israel-Iran Conflicts

  2. The Rohingya Crisis

  3. Saudi Arabia and Iran: Changes, Threats, Yemen and Tensions In the Region

National Basketball Association (NBA)

chair: Arjun Aggarwal

seconder: Ezra Moos

Committee Topics:

  1. Draft Eligibility

  2. Varying Market Sizes and the Formation of ‘Superteams’

  3. Sexual Misconduct and the NBA

International Criminal Court (ICC)

chair: Zoe Lazaris

seconder: Karina Vandenhoven

Committee Topics:

  1. African Accusations of Western Imperialism

  2. Application of the Principle of Complementarity

  3. Whistleblowers

United Nations Reform Committee

chair: rachel kim

seconder: Victoria Chung

Committee Topics:

  1. Issues Surrounding the UN Security Council

  2. Issues Surrounding the UN Human Rights Council

  3. Peacekeeping

Historical Committee

International Symposium on the Industrial Revolution

chair: Michael Kanter

Committee Topics:

  1. Balancing Workers Rights and Efficiency

  2. Asymmetrical Economies and Barriers of Entry

  3. Ad Hoc