Position papers are documents outlining a country’s view on a given topic. Position papers are mandatory and should serve as preparation for the conference. Note that each position paper is read by the committee’s chair to determine, at the conclusion of the committee, the extent to which each delegate was able to achieve their stated aims. Completed papers should be emailed to somasubmissions@utschools.ca in a single Microsoft Word document. Please note this email address is different from our main email; it provides all committee chairs with efficient and direct access to your position papers. The deadline for position papers is Friday, April 10th at 11:59 PM.

Please use this document as a cover page for all position papers, with relevant fields filled in by individual delegates.

Committee-Specific Position Papers

Position papers must be submitted for the committee that a delegation sits on. Delegates should read the appropriate background guides, available on this website, and do further research to familiarize themselves with the country's position for each topic.

A position paper should be divided by topic, and each should include:

  1. A clear statement of policy on the topic

  2. The country's background on the topic, with specific reference to domestic and foreign policy; action taken by the government; actions the government has supported, not supported, or condemned; resolutions and declarations that your country supports (UN or otherwise)

  3. Any action that your country would support in a resolution

Please ensure that all position papers for a country are merged into a single document before they are sent.

Historical Crisis Position Papers

In participating as a specific individual, rather than as a delegate to a country, in the historical crisis students will be required to represent the views of the individuals assigned. This presents unique challenges, and necessitates specific research as to the role and opinions of the person within the conflict: in this position paper, it is not adequate to simply express the views of the government or organization in which the individual represented is involved. Thus, it is especially important to read the background guide for this committee, as information is provided within as to the crisis and the roles of those participating.

The following is a list of elements that should be included in the position paper:

  1. A brief explanation of the individual's role within the scope of the organization that he represents

  2. A background of the policy that your individual supports, with specific reference to: domestic and foreign policy; actions taken by the individual; actions your individual has supported, not supported, or condemned

  3. Reasoning that relates the events and explains how they pertain to the individual's specific roles

  4. A clear statement of the objectives of the individual in representing his post

  5. Ways in which the individual feels these objectives may be attained, and actions which the individual would support, if applicable